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These recipes have been with us through out the ages and has been real traditional Laotian cuisine. Here of some of the recipes used for these amazing products.

Here's one from the Laos Chile Past which has been a traditional paste. The trademark characteristics of Laos chili paste are its intense sweet and spicy aromatic/herbal flavors (from the New Mexico Organic Red chilies, garlic, ginger, shallots, etc.). Which are part of the ingredients used for this Paste. This gives it its strong but yet delicious touch.


A spicy sauce for Spring rolls

Mix Laos Chile Paste with Peanut butter

whisk to fully combine. can use water until desired consistency.

can be used for dipping sauce.

Vegan Tamarind Chile Sauce goes well as salad dressing, dipping sauce, homemade popcorn, and many more. I like to use it a lot on salads it's really good.

Lastly, the mango salsa. It is really good and is made all in Albuquerque. I use it on many things like as a dip or a marinating sauce bit the best is when you use is to top saute zucchini.

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